Stokes Hill Wharf Precinct in Darwin Harbour

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    Stokes Hill Wharf Precinct in Darwin Harbour, Northern Territory Australia

    Stokes Hill Wharf - this is what is called our main wharf where there is fishing, restaurants, eateries and tourist retail shops. Important: Stokes Hill Wharf has 2 arcades Port Arcade and Starboard Arcade.

    This information will have changed a bit as there has been new development there.

    Signage is abudant as well.

    The road down from the Mall is quite easy to follow.

    In the photo you turn right at the intersection then 300m further up turn left and your at the Wharf. Stokes Hill Wharf looking over to Kitchner Drive


    Through the opening on the photo on the left there are 2 eateries and 2 restaurants. Need money a ATM is next to the train and there are public toliets at the end.

    Once at the end of the wharf you look across some 200 metres to Fort Hill Wharf where the luxury Passenger Cruise ships dock.

    The road onto Stokes Hill Wharf

    Stokes Hill Wharf

    The Jetty Restaurant - Located in road leading onto Stokes Hill Wharf in Darwin Harbour.

    The Jetty Restaurant - Our friend Maria the owners offers our clients tone of the best restaurants in Darwin. Nestled against the side of the harbour with million dollar views this is a must to do in Darwin.

    Located in Starboard Arcade on Stokes Hill Wharf in Darwin Harbour

    Kim's on the Wharf - Tempura Fish & Chips - barra, snapper, shark plus many more varieties.
    Siam Thai
    - Menu includes traditional Thai dishes, specialising in soups and laksas.

    Ice Cream Shop on the Whard - Menu includes local Locastro icecreams, milkshakes, smoothies, cakes, tea & coffee.
    Fish & Chips on the Wharf - Menu includes fish & chips (grilled, crumbed or battered), seafood baskets, baby octopus, barramundi, jewfish, snapper (all seasonal).

    Located in Port Arcade on Stokes Hill Wharf in Darwin Harbour - near the end of the wharf

    Tommy's Char Grill- which a menu includes chargrilled chicken, beef, fish and burgers.
    Schnitzel Magic Menu includes kangaroo, camel, crocodile, emu, beef and chicken from burgers to steaks.
    Noodle Bar - Menu includes traditional Chinese cuisine for a taste of the exotic.
    Liquor Bar - Great selection of wines, beers, mixers and spirits
    Portside Carvery - Tempting roasts and other carvery dishes, plus breakfast from 8am daily.

    Lots of parking at the end of the wharf

    There is quiet good parking at the wharf if it's not too busy.

    Fort Hill Wharf - Visiting Interstate and International luxury cruise ships berth at Fort Hill Wharf (public access to the wharf is denied) which is situated at the other end of Stokes Hill Wharf. Port of Darwin - Offical Web Site
    Live Cargo ship  -cattle to the Middle East

    Cruises leaving frequently from the Wharf Precinct, catering for small exclusive groups or larger groups.

    This photo was taken of a visiting super luxury cruise ship on the end of Stokes Hill Wharf looking over at Fort Hill Wharf in November.


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